Vertical Fom Fill Machine


Vertical FFS machine Model LEGEND10 Pulvis


Main Feature

• Two laminate roll loading provision
• Dynamic laminate unwinding for precise tension and tracking
• Digital web aligner for laminate centering
• Laminate joint detection system
• Servo driven vertical sealing
• Swing open sealing jaw for better accessibility and cleaning
• Servo based pulling system for tool less change over
• Metallic Batch coding (Ink or Laser jet as Optional)
• Servo driven filling system
• Pneumatically operated perforation and batch cutter
• Servo based dosing system
• Polycarbonate guarding
• CAT3 PLd compliance

  • Heavy duty machine Structure to absorb vibration at higher speed.
  • Laminate unwind unit with twin roll mounting capability. Unit is equipped with unwind motor and sensors.
  • Automatic central Web aligning system for laminates tracking.
  • Servo Based laminate pulling unit along
  • Fully Mechanical (Cam) driven Vertical Sealing Units for Front and Back (New Design). This reduces jerks and vibration, hence repeatable quality Sealing and Coding.
  • Horizontal Sealing Jaws with quick swivel open (New Design), cleaning for perforation blades, reduces Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
  • New Perforation Blade Design for uniform perforation throughout the length.
  • Clean Designed Rotary Valve Seal with SS bearings. Machine Base Dimensions



300 Sachet / Min

No. of Tracks

6 Track (Mat Format / Individual lane / sachet)

Laminate Specs

Multi-layer compact film on Reel.
Laminate Reel width – 872mm
Max. Reel Diameter – 450mm
Core Diameter – 76 or 150mm

Product to Pack

Free flow powder

Filling Capacity and Accuracy

5.5 gms
+/- 2% (Depends on the product, impurities, Specific Gravity)

Sachet size

Width – 70mm, Length – 84 mm

Sealing Pattern

4 side seal. Seal Width – 5 mm on vertical seal and 6 mm on Horizontal Seal

Laminate Unwind

Motorized laminate Pulling

Laminate Tracking

Automatic Laminate Centering Device – BST centering system – As optional

Sealing Drive

Fully Mechanical (Cam driven)

Electrical Spec.

Connected load – 14 Kw.
PLC controlled Operations
PID Temperature controllers

Base Dimensions

Length _ 3000 mm
Width _ 2000 mm
Height _ 2000 mm

Machine Weight

Net Weight – 2600 kgs.
Gross weight – 3500 kgs.

Compressed Air

Operating Pressure – 6 Bar.
Consumption – 3 CFM.

Machine Availability

95 %

Scrap rate

Less than 2%

Upgrade Option


Vertical Form Fill machine

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